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Software, Hardware, Cloud, Business Intelligence
«Kaspersky Lab» — an international company specializing in the development of systems to protect against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyberthreats. The company is one of the four leading manufacturers of software solutions for endpoint protection.

To protect your business, we offer Kaspersky Security for Business – a product line consisting of several levels with increasing functionality, as well as a number of specialized solutions that will ensure the security of individual network nodes. You can learn more about the functionality of this solution here.

Microsoft Corporation — one of the largest multinational software companies for various kinds of computer equipment - personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones and others, the developer of the most widely used at the moment in the world of the software platform - the family of Windows operating systems.

Windows 10 Pro allows employees to work effectively from anywhere and has built-in security features and the ability to flexibly expand functionality as business grows.

Connect to the training, business domain, or Azure Active Directory to work with network files, servers, printers, and so on. BitLocker provides additional protection and reliably protects your data by encrypting and managing security.

Application Packages Microsoft Office help organizations to provide high performance when working on different types of devices. Microsoft Office applications acquired through volume licensing programs provide a flexible working environment and open up new opportunities for companies to organize interaction between their employees. Learn about the new features of Office and the features of its licensing, purchase and get answers to frequently asked questions about licensing of Office application packages. More...
Microsoft strives to fully satisfy the existing demands on the market. Their software product Windows Server is the best option for consumers. This is a server operating system that meets the requirements of reliability, functionality, performance and upgradeability. All this allows us to talk about popularity in the IT market around the world. More...
Symantec — company for the development of software in the field of information security and information security. Located in Cupertino, California. It is one of the world leaders in the field of software production for PCs and data centers.

Symantec Endpoint Protection guarantees an unmatched level of security, tremendous performance and intelligent management in physical and virtual environments. By taking advantage of the world's largest civilian threat analysis network, Symantec provides proactive detection of threat-prone files and protection against zero-day attacks without slowing down. Only Symantec Endpoint Protection provides the necessary level of protection with a single multifunctional agent - this is the fastest and most effective protection on the market. More...

Adobe Systems — an American software company. Headquartered in San Jose, California. The most popular products are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, etc. Adobe also offers cloud services, such as Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud provides a complete collection of Adobe applications for desktops and mobile devices: from popular base applications such as Photoshop, to innovative tools such as Adobe XD. In addition, the package includes built-in templates for quickly creating new projects and walkthroughs to help you quickly master the applications and improve their skills. Combine all your projects in a unique creative space. More...
Wholesale trade and supply of computer equipment

Experience and professionalism of our managers will help you make the best decision regarding the selection and equipping of the office with the necessary equipment. Highly qualified service engineers are always happy to help when choosing the most beneficial form of service, to give qualified recommendations for the further operation of machinery.

Sale of computer equipment and accessories in the Republic of Belarus:

  • Computers;
  • Laptops;
  • Monitors;
  • Peripherals for PC;
  • Various accessories for PC;
  • accessories for laptops;
  • Multimedia devices;
  • Computer parts;
  • network hardware;
  • household appliances;
  • TV and much more.
We provide advisory services and technical support for the full range of equipment supplied. As a result, you get a comprehensive solution that allows you to conduct your business efficiently and with minimum costs. The rich experience of working with large companies, the thought over flexible pricing policy, the provision of an individual approach to each client, discounts, benefits and favorable terms of delivery of computer equipment for regular customers are the factors that contribute to the successful promotion of our company in the market of computer and office equipment, services. The professionalism of our specialists in the field of information technology is confirmed by diplomas, certificates and a lot of successful projects.

We work with such manufacturers as:

Cloud services
Microsoft Office 365 — is a new software product that combines a set of web services, which is distributed based on a subscription scheme "software + services". The suite provides access to various programs and services based on the Microsoft Office platform, business-class e-mail, functionality for communication and document management.

As a product, the subsequent Business Productivity Online Suite from Microsoft, Office 365 was primarily developed to provide mail hosting, access to corporate social networks and cloud data storage for business. Initially, the package included such tools:

  • Business-class email on the server Exchange;
  • Sharepoint portal and public site-business card with a simple page builder;
  • Communicator Lync, which allows not only to exchange text phrases, but also to hold video and audio conferences, as well as to display the desktop
  • Access to the latest version of Microsoft Office;
  • Access to Microsoft Office applications in the corporate tariff plan.
  • Place in Onedrive (Home users - 1 TB per user).

With realease of Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 was expanded to provide services for different types of business, as well as for individual users who want to use the Office software package on a subscription basis. More...

Microsoft Azure (Windows Azure) — name of the Microsoft cloud platform. Provides the ability to develop and execute applications and store data on servers located in distributed data centers.

Microsoft Azure implements two cloud models - platforms as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The Microsoft Azure platform is supported by Microsoft's global data center network.

The main features of this model:

  • Pay only for consumed resources;
  • General, multithreaded structure of calculations;
  • Abstraction from the infrastructure.
At the heart of Microsoft Azure is the launch of a virtual machine for each instance of the application. The developer determines the required amount of data storage and the required processing power (the number of virtual machines), after which the platform provides the appropriate resources. When the initial resource requirements change, according to the new customer request, the platform allocates additional or reduced unused data center resources for the application. More...
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence supports a variety of business solutions - from operational to strategic. Basic operational decisions include the positioning of the product or prices. Strategic business solutions include priorities, goals and directions in the broadest sense. Business Intelligence is most effective when it combines the data obtained from the market where the company operates (external data), with data from sources within the company, such as financial and manufacturing ones.

Goal of business intelligence — interpret a large amount of data, focusing only on key performance factors, modeling the outcome of various options for action, tracking the results of decision making.

About us
Our company was established in 2011 as a software developer for the automation of various business sectors, autopilot systems.

To date, the activities have been expanded by developing large data processing systems and business intelligence systems using neural networks, software and hardware, and consulting services.

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